At Sparkhouse Family, we believe faith formation happens in the big moments of lifeā€¦ and the small ones. We aim to publish creative, winsome, charming stories that help parents instill an open-hearted, transformational, life-long Christian faith in children ages 0-12. 

We are seeking writers and illustrators who want to create books that delight, entertain, and teach children and their parents. We publish books in the following categories:

  • Board books for children ages birth-3
  • Picture books for children ages 3-8
  • Activity books for children ages 3-8
  • Early reader and first chapter books for children ages 5-9
  • Nonfiction books for children ages 5-9 
  • Nonfiction for ages 8-12
  • Fiction for ages 8-12
  • Activity books for families
  • Devotionals for children ages 0-12 and families
To submit your book for consideration, please fill out the below form.